73 bus stories about the No. 73 London Routemaster bus

Over 1 million people travel into London each day. Given 85% of these journeys are made on public transport there is no doubt we all have bus stories.

And lots of us have stories about the No.73 bus which runs the route between Victoria and Tottenham.

The old No.73 Routemaster was offically retired from London streets on Friday 3rd September, 2004. I have been gathering stories about it since July 2003.

73 stories
each around 73 words
about the 73 bus

A story can be about whatever you want – being on the bus, waiting at the bus stop or being on the street watching it go by. It can be observational, based on real events, daydreams or simply what you like or don’t like about it.

Write them here and I will add them to the bus or the street or the bus stop on the 73 bus website. Please include your location, when it took place and who you are to help locate the story.

Being on public transport is about being in London. It is about finding your way, getting lost, meeting people, watching people, getting frustrated, feeling happy, annoyed, scared or bored. It is about being in a city and being part of a city. Thanks for adding your story.

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About the 73 bus project

The 73 bus blog is designed to explore, experience and capture textual, visual and sensual narratives of the mobile London urban experience.

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